The history of Fidel Schub GmbH & Co. KG begins on January 9th, 1809. with the founding of the company. 35 years later, the son of the founder Karl Schub took over the company. He founded a banking business in 1886. Over the years, sons Karl and Fidel Schub took over the company and sold the banking business to Schmidt Bank after Gottfried Schub - the banker among them - emigrated to America.
In 1969, Karl Schub took over management and had a new steel and building goods hall built in Schlatzendorf. Albert Schub joined the company in 1995. Two years later, the sales area on the Viechtach town square and the steel hall in Schlatzendorf were converted.
In 2001, Albert Schub took over management and moved the company headquarters from the town square to Nußbergerstrasse 15, where a new sales area was built. In 2011, the Grüneissl company was taken over and a branch was opened in Chammünster with 17 employees. This was followed in 2014 by the opening of a branch in Nittenau with 10 employees.
With the takeover of the Geiger company in 2020, another location in Geiersthal was added.
Today the company Fidel Schub GmbH & Co. KG. four locations with around 100 employees and enjoys continuous growth.