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Duraplane G360 set

Duraplane G360 set

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Ideal for quick and precise alignment of horizontals and inclinations indoors and outdoors. The device offers a very clearly visible laser line and a high level of measurement reliability. The application is convenient thanks to the diverse mounting options and the practical battery status display. The set includes a leveling staff and a tripod.
  • Time-saving drawing of horizontal lines throughout the room
  • Precise work thanks to a fine and extremely bright laser line
  • Measuring reliability through warning of unwanted position changes
  • Easy alignment of slopes
  • Laser Booster doubles the visibility of the laser
  • Battery status indicator
  • Robust, dust and water protected
  • Integrated handheld receiver mode for outdoor applications
  • Fast detection of the laser lines using a handheld receiver
  • Aluminum crank tripod
  • Easy-to-read, highly stable leveling staff for use even under extreme conditions
  • Second lithium battery and charger included in the set


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